Beyond Meat makes its mark


I had an awful experience my first year as a vegetarian. It was scarring, really. I’m not exaggerating.

No one had explained to me that, while tofurkey sounded like a great solution for vegetarians on Thanksgiving, it was not. In fact, it is the opposite. So, I unfortunately spoiled my entire holiday by preparing the most disgusting piece of fake meat I have ever come across.

Luckily, for those who have yet to find a satisfying fix to their turkey-less Thanksgivings, a new, better solution has been developed.

Behold, the closest thing to meat in the history of fake-meat.

Beyond Meat, a California-based company that manufactures vegan “chicken-free” strips, has developed what some are calling the “next big innovation” in meat alternatives.

The plant-based substitute was so good that Bill Gates not only wrote about its bright future in the food science industry, but he even invested in the company.

I obviously am no stranger to a wide variety of meat substitutes (after all, where else would I get my protein?), so I decided to do a little further investigation into this supposed “Golden Child” of vegan meat.

Before doing so, I would like to formally and unbiasedly state that Maryland produces the brightest and most innovative minds in the country (it must be something in the very well-taken care of water shed in our backyards).

Ethan Brown, founder and chief executive of Beyond Meat, just happens to be a Maryland native. A 41 -year-old vegan, Brown says that his lifestyle choice was partially influenced after growing up on his father’s dairy farm in Western Maryland.

Brown even attended the University of Maryland where he received a Master of Public Policy degree.

Thankfully, Brown graciously sent his products to a multitude of stores in and around his “mother-land”.

Almost any Whole Foods you walk in to will sell Beyond Meat’s products, including the ones in Mt. Washington and the Inner Harbor. Smaller stores and restaurants including  Great Sage, Tropical Smoothie CafeThe Judges Bench and Roots Market also support the innovative vegan meats.

Try their products out at one of these local places to support the mission and cause.


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  1. I am not a huge fake meat person – I much rather have some veggies and lentils, but this sounds like a good product. I will look out for it!

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