Meatless Mondays Turns 10


8326110454_6668310d6f_oThe world celebrated Meatless Mondays’ 10 year anniversary early last week. The worldwide campaign has gained enormous amounts of recognition and support in over 30 countries, and heck, it even has its own website (cause that’s when you know you’ve made it). That made me think, how far reaching of an affect does Meatless Mondays have on the Baltimore area in particular?

Well, a lot. My fellow Baltimoreans, we can rejoice in the progressive and pro-veggie stance that our lovely city is taking every Monday. The campaign spans across restaurants, hospitals, public school systems and colleges. Who knew?

There are four restaurants in Maryland that support Meatless Mondays (all of which just happen to be in Baltimore). The Woodberry Kitchen, Slainte Irish Pub (don’t worry, they still serve beer), Chazz, and Aldo’s are all giving our city the veggie boost it needs each and every Monday.

Johns Hopkins Medical Center also adopted the campaign as part of their push for healthier diets for patients. They even went a step further when Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health published a study about the benefits of swapping mushrooms for red meat.

On top of all this veggie goodness, schools have taken the plunge in supporting the healthy and humane campaign. Give a big round of applause for Baltimore City Public Schools for being one of the only public school systems in Maryland to support Meatless Mondays.

A New York Times article quoted Baltimore’s district food and service director as saying “…meatless Monday has turned out to be the most popular day of the week.”

As if all of this is not enough, higher education in Baltimore has taken a step towards a more green diet. Both Gonzaga University and Johns Hopkins University have included the campaign across their campus. In the greater Baltimore and Washington D.C. area, colleges such as The University of Maryland, Montgomery College, American University, and McDaniel have become pro-Meatless Monday.

In order to keep Meatless Monday a strong and viable option for restaurants and institutions to consider, awareness and support is needed. Supporting the local restaurants that are already apart of Meatless Monday’s mission as well as urging local eats to join in on the veggie-goodness, is vital in the campaign’s continued success.

What will you do to help Meatless Monday thrive?


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